Monday, March 30, 2009

Sometime when I was younger i decided that I should try my hardest to look at people in the eye. I felt like maybe I would gain me more respect and it would be easier to fall in love. I think for awhile it actually worked. I use to dodge my eyes away from people i didn't know and always walked with my head down. But not anymore.
One day I was talking to a fried about dog's and how you should never look at them in the yes for they will think you are trying to overpower them and they could become very aggressive. I started doing this with the dogs I came across and I felt like it worked pretty well. So now I was meeting so many more dogs and people purely from the relationship we could build through my eyes. I thought they were very powerful
One day I was walking in the Park and came across a man. I walked past him and are eyes meet. He was younger and pretty attractive. He looked very sweaty. I said hello with my eyes and continued walking. about 20 yards later I realized he was following me. I could hear him talking to himself " you mother fucker, you mother fucker." I kept walking for two hours.
Now i keep my eyes closed on the street.

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Schwartz said...

I can't stare people in the eyes for too long...I see their souls and not all, but a lot of people go to bangkok and make love to underage kids. Why they do it is a mystery to me but all I know is they ALL smoke cigars.