Saturday, March 21, 2009

SO you went to this new house and stayed back and talked to this dude about Vietnam. He told me how pretty it was and he had the pitcurs to proof it.
Briefing In Borneo

I went looking for you in this grassy patch were there were tons of skiping stone and shit. what do you call them anyway,? stepping stones, oh yes.
I ran across some old lady between her house and she said something to me of importance that I don't want to forget but already have. I found the house you were in. there was Fhelty in bed with some girl. He was siting on the edge of the bed, I guess he started smoking again. then your friend came up to me.
Old Man
he told me about how we were all stuck in the panopticon. apparently some dude named Jeremy Benthem thought that it would be a good idea to make a prison were the guards could see you but you couldn't see the guards. this becomes a way of seeing our world he said.
Jeremy Bentham
No cycle of power, the prisoner always knows the tower is looking at him but he never knows when they are looking at him.
I thought about the lightning outside and how the darkens allows us to view it. all transgression surrounds the limits of the lightning bolt. A fucking weird day man, I hope Fetly has some cigarettes

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