Thursday, June 25, 2009


Playing Cowboys

Kid: My mom said to stay way from people you hate cuse they just make you dumb.
Kid 2: that's stupid.
Kid: yea I think so to. I mean some people you just gotta hate, ya know. that's not stupid, there's
nothing stupid about that. I mean I hate that kid Brian, hes always wearing the same shit I have, ya know. what if I was just a poser and wore the same shit he wore all the time.
Kid3: yea
Kid 2: yea!
Kid 3: Sometimes i think I hate my dad. But I dont know.
Kid 2: now thats stupid. YOu dont even live with your dad, how could you hate him?
Kid: you know who I really hate. that kid, ya know. whats his name? the one who use to always to try and sit with us last year in the caffateria. God I hate him so bad !! whats his name! fuck , you know, you know who im talkking about?? god I hate him so much but I dont remeber his name.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

apparent image

they wanted to fuck right there and then in the gas station. there was that tension that could create that spontaneous situation were anything could happen. He thought about doing it on top of the slushi and soda machines. He thought about the lights flashing on off and moments in his day dream there was an audiencse and then moments there was not. they chosse there drinks and walked up to the counter.
The man standing there was much older then them and had stains on his shirt from something that that loked liek could have been musterd? hs saide to them, " You two look happy, I can tell this about people. My apparent image lingers on my retina for two secounds rather then one. when I look at you all I se is a topographical image. You to look as deep as the gran canoyon"


BDC: Hey hows it goin ?
Melvin: know good... Iv been reading a lot
BDC: oh yea, what about?
Melvin: David Carradine. and his death, they was a accident, but i don't know believe that shit. You know who I mean?
BDC: uh yea. that guy in Kill bill
Melvin: No man I mean real shit! Not that martial arts shit. I mean the real shit. He was famous, said he was on drugs. Do you know what happens when you become famous? You become a pimp. They said he was with some prostitute, whatever, he was married three times. crazy shit, they said he suffocated, they found him with no shoes on. I once knew some guy who suffocated. He was a bartender and got real drunk one night and went home and suffocated himself in his garage, they said it was an accident. that dude never could drink, he always got sick. You know what the hardest part about caddying at Firestone country club is? you always got walk up hills. I hate that shit. they just found some dude drowned in the water. said when they pulled him out he looked like a ghost. I don't believe this shit about Carradine, he was in westerns and in gangster movies. But wasn't no gangster. they said they found him with no shoes on and that he looked liek a ghost, no no I mean a zombie. whatever that is ?