Saturday, March 21, 2009

new best dressed chicken

its been a real long time and I do apologise for the wait. I am happy to announce that I am starting back up the best dressed chicken blog post. after last summers amazingly awesome three posts I think it is time to bring this shit back.
theres going to be a few changes on the site. For starters I'm getting rid of the theme and am pushing for a more ambiguous and possibly surprising theme. This strategy was thought up by experts and me under the premise that the less we let you know what to expect the more you don't know what you want and then BANG, love. In the comments you can leave suggestions for possible themes or possible things you would like me to investigate or things you would like me to do for you for money.
the content is going to mostly true, but also false a lot of the time. they will mostly be stories staring me and maybe one or two of you. I would also like to announce that we here at best dressed chicken will be adding one or two new features here at best dressed chicken. first off I would like to announce that we will be using YouTube. we've been working around the clock to figure out ways to not only post links on the site but to also have streaming movies that will hopefully compliment the stories. We also are focusing on uploading photos on to the page. These are all things we can look forward to in the next coming weeks. I am extremely excited about this new opportunity for best dressed chicken on the web and hope that we take the most advantage of it. Some of these stories are going to be very good, some are not. some will be happy and some extremlly sad. Enjoy!

Notice ::::://///"":::Notice<<<<>>>>::::::::If any of you or anyone you know believe that I have stolen any material from you, animate or inanimate. I will possibly be willing to trade or in speciffic senarios make a wish for you. only under copyright guidlinesand law. NOTICE NOTICe<<<>>>:::://///??///////?""""""++++++Chicken<<<<<>>>>>>

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