Thursday, March 26, 2009


SO I guess I cant post this song I wanted to post. and that's fine, ya know. Know reason to get all pissed about free music. Ya know. I just wanted to tell you all about this dude. But it doesn't matter now. Cuse I cant find it. so I'm going to tell you about something Else
you ever get that feeling. ya know. that feeling about something. then it becomes true!
well i had a wrist band made from meat rope, i use to work in a meat shop. and when I put it on it was an important point in my life. It was a point of change, something for the better. and now the bracelet is gone. it broke. What the Fuck! I dint know it then but that bracelet stored every connection Iv made since then. But now its gone. You know some things are stored in such small places.
I really just wish I could have played you all a song and been done with it. i guess till next post.
Oh yea best dressed chicken is laying off most of the staff. I think I will keep all the scientists. But the rest of you gotta go.

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