Monday, March 30, 2009

Sometime when I was younger i decided that I should try my hardest to look at people in the eye. I felt like maybe I would gain me more respect and it would be easier to fall in love. I think for awhile it actually worked. I use to dodge my eyes away from people i didn't know and always walked with my head down. But not anymore.
One day I was talking to a fried about dog's and how you should never look at them in the yes for they will think you are trying to overpower them and they could become very aggressive. I started doing this with the dogs I came across and I felt like it worked pretty well. So now I was meeting so many more dogs and people purely from the relationship we could build through my eyes. I thought they were very powerful
One day I was walking in the Park and came across a man. I walked past him and are eyes meet. He was younger and pretty attractive. He looked very sweaty. I said hello with my eyes and continued walking. about 20 yards later I realized he was following me. I could hear him talking to himself " you mother fucker, you mother fucker." I kept walking for two hours.
Now i keep my eyes closed on the street.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

bye bye baby baby

This is my favorite movie ever

I stole a bunch of ciggs from my dad tonight. He wont know cuse hes crazy

"My love must be a kind of blind love, cuse I cant see anybody but you. " - the flamingos

Thursday, March 26, 2009

oh yea this what I was looking for.
I also want to tell you about Best Dressed chickens employee of the week. he is my supervisor at work and we call him Bird. He is very tall and has beautiful blond hair that is very long. Sometimes he wears glasses. hes are employee of the week.


SO I guess I cant post this song I wanted to post. and that's fine, ya know. Know reason to get all pissed about free music. Ya know. I just wanted to tell you all about this dude. But it doesn't matter now. Cuse I cant find it. so I'm going to tell you about something Else
you ever get that feeling. ya know. that feeling about something. then it becomes true!
well i had a wrist band made from meat rope, i use to work in a meat shop. and when I put it on it was an important point in my life. It was a point of change, something for the better. and now the bracelet is gone. it broke. What the Fuck! I dint know it then but that bracelet stored every connection Iv made since then. But now its gone. You know some things are stored in such small places.
I really just wish I could have played you all a song and been done with it. i guess till next post.
Oh yea best dressed chicken is laying off most of the staff. I think I will keep all the scientists. But the rest of you gotta go.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

crime dad

Mobster Shot in Philadelphia

This is my dad at the scene of the crime He is checking out the vehicle that supposedly belongs to a man known as my uncle. He has just moved back from New York city were he had been spending his time dancing to the disco and doing other wicked things. I don't remember much else about this night other then my dad watching M.A.S.H in teh wating room and he wouldnt go in to see his brother till the episode ended.

Guns Galore

Oh but now I rember, this is the night my dad picked out my first B.B gun for me. Here he is at the store. that night I layed in the backyard and shot every firefly in sight.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

piece of shit google ad's, get outa my Blog!!
You might sleep but you will never dream

SO you went to this new house and stayed back and talked to this dude about Vietnam. He told me how pretty it was and he had the pitcurs to proof it.
Briefing In Borneo

I went looking for you in this grassy patch were there were tons of skiping stone and shit. what do you call them anyway,? stepping stones, oh yes.
I ran across some old lady between her house and she said something to me of importance that I don't want to forget but already have. I found the house you were in. there was Fhelty in bed with some girl. He was siting on the edge of the bed, I guess he started smoking again. then your friend came up to me.
Old Man
he told me about how we were all stuck in the panopticon. apparently some dude named Jeremy Benthem thought that it would be a good idea to make a prison were the guards could see you but you couldn't see the guards. this becomes a way of seeing our world he said.
Jeremy Bentham
No cycle of power, the prisoner always knows the tower is looking at him but he never knows when they are looking at him.
I thought about the lightning outside and how the darkens allows us to view it. all transgression surrounds the limits of the lightning bolt. A fucking weird day man, I hope Fetly has some cigarettes

new best dressed chicken

its been a real long time and I do apologise for the wait. I am happy to announce that I am starting back up the best dressed chicken blog post. after last summers amazingly awesome three posts I think it is time to bring this shit back.
theres going to be a few changes on the site. For starters I'm getting rid of the theme and am pushing for a more ambiguous and possibly surprising theme. This strategy was thought up by experts and me under the premise that the less we let you know what to expect the more you don't know what you want and then BANG, love. In the comments you can leave suggestions for possible themes or possible things you would like me to investigate or things you would like me to do for you for money.
the content is going to mostly true, but also false a lot of the time. they will mostly be stories staring me and maybe one or two of you. I would also like to announce that we here at best dressed chicken will be adding one or two new features here at best dressed chicken. first off I would like to announce that we will be using YouTube. we've been working around the clock to figure out ways to not only post links on the site but to also have streaming movies that will hopefully compliment the stories. We also are focusing on uploading photos on to the page. These are all things we can look forward to in the next coming weeks. I am extremely excited about this new opportunity for best dressed chicken on the web and hope that we take the most advantage of it. Some of these stories are going to be very good, some are not. some will be happy and some extremlly sad. Enjoy!

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