Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wedding PICS 1981!!!

State Opening

this is me at my first wedding. I'm the one right in the middle, do you see me? after the ceremony I demanded to have Shirley temples till I puked, and that's exactly what happened. I danced with the queen and made king Charles jealous and snappy. We did the Charleston, the tango and the nuclear bomb. I have to say I looked very dapper. Me and the queen walked out on to the balcony. She told me she felt like a monkey in a cage. I said " there use to be so many places to go, but you chose the cage". we toasted are glasses of sparkling jello. Then we all did coke off off the mirrors in the bathroom that I had just recently bought from the Wonderland gang no less then a month ago. then we all said goodnight and wished the best of luck to the fallen city of Beirut. this was one crazy night in the summer of 1981.

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