Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok SO I fucked up last post and did a bunch of things wrong. I still cant figure out how to put the actual youtube video on the screen and the author of the frank book is Jim Woodring I fucked it up I'm sorry. I think i did something else to but I cant remember? I could go and see but I'm not going to

Thursday, July 10, 2008

update! Read Now!


My most apologies to all "Best dressed Chicken" readers out there. I know it has been a long, long ten days since you have last heard from me. I have a few things to up date you all on. First of all I have been interested in " the reference". What i mean by this is the obsession with other peoples lists of favorite things. We are all doing it. You want to know who everyone else is listening to, reading, eating, watching, who knows what. this obsession has even become sub conscious on a certain level i think. Just today I was looking at the inside of the new No Age album and saw that they had a few photographs of there stacks of Cd's in what I guess would be there apartment. there was one that was a photo of a box of old tapes and you could read everyone of them. Even the blog is a example with peoples obsessions with other peoples obsessions. Fucking weird right? maybe maybe not. either way ,weather this is interesting or not doesn't matter. What dose matter is that along with my update everyday there is going to be a list. Now the listed could be anything. What is on my mind or what i am listening to or reading. so just to letting you all know. I will be listing. Oh Also the list will most commonly be entitled either Wham!, Bam!, or told other wise. never all three at once.

So anyways this is a crazy video by some artist I don't know but the music is by Phillip glass and was originally aired on Sesame Street. If you don't know who Phillip Glass is, he is an American composer who began in the late 50's working and developed into what was then called minimalism and commonly used a 12 tone scale in which that all twelve notes of the chromatic scale are sounded as often as one another in a piece of music while preventing the emphasis on any of them. the music in then in no key and all the notes are given equal importance. I really wish I could figure out who did the art work but i cant find any names. It is pretty crazy that it was shown for Sesame Street. I cannot even imagine what the letter or color of the day could have been.

Ha Ra!- The Frank Book by James Goldberg: crazy collection of cartoons from the 90's
No Age
the X files
Cormac McCarthy
Sparks ( the drink and the band)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

zombies and mannequins

zombies are the symbol. were fucked. all the zombies of course hang out at the mall and if we think we will be able to hide there, were fucking wrong. they don't sell guns at the mall anymore. zombies don't need guns anyway. ill get a tattoo of the date and time they turn of all television signals. zombies aren't nearly as scary as mannequins. there blank stares , that plastic sex. mannequins want to be looked at, were as zombies just want our brains.