Wednesday, April 22, 2009

summer interns!

Summer internship for research intern. Job is unpaid but my mom will provide you with meals now and then cause my dad doesn't eat with us anymore. You will have to provide yourself your own computer and desk. We do have extra chairs in my living room which will probably be your work corner anyway. You will be positioned in the corner of the living room nearest our amazing encyclopedia collection, which you will exclusively have access to. The staff has other jobs that take up most of our time and we have meetings after work that can sometimes go deep into the night. So your responsibility's are going to be very very big. We have a blow up matress and plenty of pillows cuse you will be working very late nights. We are looking for somebody who is in this for the long term and dose not mind taking all accountability for us. If you feel like you might be that person please send us your resume and a list of all your professcinalites? ( this is a photo of were your matress will probably be. the encyclopedias are in walking distance)

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