Sunday, April 12, 2009

the great suicide mission to the sun


the mission was only suppose to last for a year. we were suppose to hit up the international space station and make a quick stop on the moon. But now iv been up here for nearly ten years. The captain said "fuck it", and has sent us on a suicide mission right for the sun! he said that all he can remember about earth is his baby boy and how they buried his umbilical cord in the back yard so that one day they could bring his body back to life.
So now were headed straight towards the sun. I think the captain has seriously lost his shit. He told me that we should be honored to have such a magnificent death. In a way he's kind of right, I cant really get that mad at the guy. I'm still pissed that were all out of cigarettes and that I cant sprinkle salt and pepper in space. sometimes I will catch the captain looking out the window of are space craft whispering to himself " Yous eyes are like stars, your eyes are like the stars".

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