Thursday, June 25, 2009


Playing Cowboys

Kid: My mom said to stay way from people you hate cuse they just make you dumb.
Kid 2: that's stupid.
Kid: yea I think so to. I mean some people you just gotta hate, ya know. that's not stupid, there's
nothing stupid about that. I mean I hate that kid Brian, hes always wearing the same shit I have, ya know. what if I was just a poser and wore the same shit he wore all the time.
Kid3: yea
Kid 2: yea!
Kid 3: Sometimes i think I hate my dad. But I dont know.
Kid 2: now thats stupid. YOu dont even live with your dad, how could you hate him?
Kid: you know who I really hate. that kid, ya know. whats his name? the one who use to always to try and sit with us last year in the caffateria. God I hate him so bad !! whats his name! fuck , you know, you know who im talkking about?? god I hate him so much but I dont remeber his name.


Bethani said...

oh, brother, i hear ya.

Bethani said...

maybe yr a genius and we will never understand.